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In this song, I try to have a sincere conversation with people on opposing sides of our historical racial and sociopolitical divides, to understand what we have in common, and to explore what we might accomplish together if we strive to live up to our true potential as humans. But it is a choice...



You live long enough
Think hard enough
Grow wise enough
You learn that the devil is neither whom or what you thought it was:
It's that part of yourself
That doesn’t believe in its own power,
It's own divinity
And therefore goes around trying to diminish
The power of everyone else...to feel good.

Chorus (4x):
This bloody world
These bloody men
I know it’s written Lawd (Lord)
Will it ever end?

Verse 1:
Threats on my life don’t cease
I’m scared of the po-lice
Drive-byes, stray bullets...
I’m scared of my own peeps
So I carry my own piece
‘Cause that give me mo’ peace
But not really, ‘cause I ain’t bullet proof
And I can’t blast what I don’t see

I ain’t nobody’s OG
But now I’m up in my for-ties
Left Babylon for a different land
Where I still don’t get no sleep
‘Cause the devil that made the ghetto
Is here too: he got a long leash
So when I dream I’m still a teen
Getting’ gunned down in my old streets
Where doctors don’t care to heal us
Poison is what they give us
When the coppers bullets fill us
Grand juries protect our killers

I often hope hell is real
More than I care about seein’ heaven
‘Cause I want my oppressor to feel
The pain that I feel, and countin my blessin’s
Is hard when I want’em sentenced
For their wickness and vengeance
Is mine, sayeth the Lord
But am I—not in his image
The Lord’s apprentice?
Executor of his business?
But who am I kiddin’?
Am I a descendent
Of the God of death
Or the God or the livin’?

It’s my decision
So do I dig into my remembrance
Of being the giver of all life
From who life is freely given?
Transform the chaos
Of this existence to fit my vision?
Or just get in where I fit in
In the cycle of blood spillin’?

Chorus (4x):
This bloody world
These bloody men
I know it’s written Lawd (Lord)
Will it ever end?

Verse 2:
Proud boys, ya’ll bein’ played
By a rich man and his rich friends
Who gon’ walk away unscathed
While you locked up or in the grave.
They was rich when you was unemployed,
Rich when you barely made a wage.
They let you think it’s Black and Brown people fault,
But the rich keep getting’ paid.

They need you all riled up
On the front lines of their brigade,
Blamin’ human rights and women rights
So they can keep getting’ paid.
It’s a game, that can only work
If we separated and afraid.
So you makin’ America great,
So that you can be a greater slave!

A greater slave than the lesser slaves
While the rich keep gettin’ paid.
They tell you to be proud of culture
That steals, kills and rapes.
But that ain’t your culture
At least it wasn’t your culture back in the days
When your ancestors was humane
And they practiced indigenious ways
Until the church enslaved your papas
And burned you mamas at the stake
So the empire could be great
And the rich could keep gettin’ paid.

That was the beginnin’
Of your sinnin’ and your rage.
Don’t be ashamed. We the same.
Our separation, it was staged.
Our life force came from the same flame
From the same Earth we sprang
We was both made
To shine brighter than the sun’s rays
But we grew estranged
We was taught to be of little faith,
And see each other in each other’s way,
And you was trained
That for your light to shine brighter,
Mine must fade!

But that’s a lie
That keeps us blind
In a underdeveloped stage
Less than alive
Less than fully human
Less than fully sane

So that we’ll forever remain
In a wicked and perilous age
And our kids will inherit the hate,
And their kids will never be safe


This bloody world
These bloody men
I know it’s written Lawd (Lord)
Will it ever end?


from The Kings' Lessons, Vol. 4: Black Prevailage, released January 25, 2021
Written and Performed by Keith Cross @doctabarz
Beat Programming and Engineering by Scott Ohtoro @ohtorobeats
Mixed by David Pichard @dwpsounds


all rights reserved



Doctabarz Los Angeles, California

I am a Lyricist and Scientist creating musical volumes dedicated to helping humanity to achieve and sustain individual, community and environmental wellbeing.

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