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Chorus (4x): Down where the roads are paved with good intentions...

Verse 1:
Down where the roads are paved with good intentions:
New dimensions, I jump through,
Runnin’ hot pursuit, from some henchmen,
Sent by the emperor’s mistress, while the empress
Was out protectin’ the devil’s interests.

Scalpin’ tickets at heaven’s entrance,
My past made my present tenses.
Bad karma, second sentence. I’m respresentin’.
Back when all seven seals was manufactured
And the beast wasn’t born ‘cause the dragon hadn’t hatched it,
I asked mom and pop Creator to give me classics.
They wrapped it in this handsome and beautiful black package,

Said the point was to practice
And become a master of many magics
For kindlin’ the empire’s ashes.
That’s why them henchmen wanna feed me to the maggots,
Show up brandishin’ hatchets
To keep me from teachin’ classes.

I ditched’em, discarded my jacket,
Donned a hat and glasses
And disappeared into oncoming traffic.

Chorus (4x): Down where the roads are paved with good intentions...

Verse 2:
It’s less oxygen for the earth’s occupants.
Real laws ain’t documents.
So I don’t need a juris doctorate to tell me what my options is.

With dope I’m synonymous, but I’m in this
Police state where the prospects is ominous.
I done enough scholarship on the politics
Of oppression to know that freedom ain’t the opposite.

The earth is paradise but the human populous
Got parasites with appetites that’s bottomless. It’s mind boggling,
But they’re scared, the world ain’t big enough to share,
And teach acolytes to follow this
As justification for subjugation and dominance.
I’m not convinced. It don’t make lots of sense.
I guess that’s why I was sent to do reconnaissance,
Develop competence, reach a level of prominence,
Then shatter the lies in which they place confidence.

Chorus (4x): Down where the roads are paved with good intentions...

Verse 3:
Woke up and did my Chi Gong stretches,
Took a shower, told the mirror on the wall who the freshest!
Made my baby some breakfast.
She woke up, left me breathless.
Leave the house 10 minutes late and drive to work all reckless,

On my way to give Smokey a message:
That we them stones the builders left in the wreckage,
And tell him I found scrolls filled with thousands of lessons
On how to search, seize, sabotage, contain and collect us.
Look: some jackals lyin’ in wait at the intersection
For stray wildebeests without the herd’s protection.
Soon as they start sniffin’ in my direction
I dip left into Smokey’s vegan delicatessen.

Chorus (4x): Down where the roads are paved with good intentions...


from The Kings' Lessons, Vol. 4: Black Prevailage, released January 25, 2021


all rights reserved



Doctabarz Los Angeles, California

I am a Lyricist and Scientist creating musical volumes dedicated to helping humanity to achieve and sustain individual, community and environmental wellbeing.

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